Career First Institute’s Homegrown Applicant Tracking System Now Online

Talentloop offers ‘external job board’ as a unique feature, among others.

Career First Institute has launched the new tool Talentloop to help companies streamline their screening process and find the most suitable match for their hiring needs. The app is a brainchild that was born straight out of the company’s need to automate their own recruitment system while working with partners.

Realizing there is real demand for an affordable and functional applicant tracking system (ATS) in the Philippines, Career First sat with a team of software developers from F1 Helpdesk. After months of endless brainstorming and countless sleepless nights, they came up with Talentloop, a hybrid ATS that runs and operates over the Internet.

First of all, why is ATS considered a valuable investment for companies today? For one, it saves employers, particularly hiring managers, time and money having to advertise jobs, screen countless resumes and conduct interviews. Not to mention the piles of paperwork they have to accomplish, along with all kinds of personnel-related expenses that they have to shell out, that can be minimized by automating the whole recruitment process.

Ava Gyle Montenegro is a recruitment manager at Career First. For the past severeal years, she’s been working for the company to find new talent, specifically seek out applicants for job openings and conduct interviews. She says that after trying Talentloop, she wondered how she survived all these years without it. She even describes it as one of the things that has the greatest impact on her professional life.

Ava’s pronouncements most likely come from the fact that Talentloop has resolved many of the day-to-day challenges she had faced as a recruiter who must meet targets strictly on a weekly basis.

“I love how Talentloop immediately reports my productivity as soon as I log in,” Ava declares in excitement.

She adds that keeping up with every candidate’s interview or test schedules can get daunting at times. “Talentloop sorts this out for me. With its scheduling feature, I’ll never have to miss out on notifying both the candidate and the hiring manager of their interview appointment,” she says.

Just landed in the market

Talentloop debuted this November at the recently-held Philippine SME Business Expo in Pasay City and proved to be a crowd favorite with the many unique features it offers. Just like other ATS, Talentloop boasts of facilitating the hiring and onboarding of new talents in a paperless environment by allowing employers to store resumes in a secure database and track status and manage applicant’s data.

Its main attraction, however, is its external job board. Here, companies can create their own branded page, disperse job postings throughout the Web and instantly share in social media. In short, they can do away with paying for expensive job ads online or via print media.

Companies, recruiters and applicants who have tried the beta version of Talentloop describes it in three easy ways: easy to use, clean interface and simple to set up.

The verdict is in the experience

Dale Quiachon, who is Talentloop’s lead developer, believes the overall user experience – or what IT people call UX – is critical to the success of a software product in the market. According to Peter Morville, author and pioneer in the fields of information architecture and UX, there are seven factors that describe user experience. These are:

– usefulness

– usability

– findability

– credibility

– desirability

– accessibility, and

– valuability.

“Narrowing it down to being usable, desirable and accessible tells us that user interface plays an important role in achieving an impressive UX,” says Dale.

“It was one of the most challenging aspects for the team in developing Talentloop. For me, if you go wrong with user interface, you go wrong with the whole app. Whether we’re talking about a site, an app or a stand-alone software, the designs are what users first experience. They are what generate interest and online traffic among users,” he further explains.

Needless to say, Talentloop’s team of developers are experienced in coding, programming, web designing, and strategy. The result: a hot software product that meets all seven of the UX factors.

You will hear and see more of Talentloop in the coming months as Career First Institute and its marketing affiliate Goodwin BPO participates in various trade events. You can also follow Talentloop’s journey into the market via and Career First Institute website  and Facebook page


Clockwise: Talentloop debuted at the Philippine SME Entrepreneur Expo on November 3-4, 2017. Dale Quiachon and his team developed Talentloop with comfort, simplicity and functionality for the users in mind..