Talentloop Talks: Competency and Motivation Stirred from Within

“If you’re aiming to be the best recruiter, then invest on learning. The best investment is that in yourself.” ~Penny Bongato

Lahug, Cebu City (July 11, 2018) – In today’s fast-moving environment, businesses like to make sure strategic goals are always met and the important role that HR plays in strategy building and staying ahead of the competition cannot be repudiated.

Nevertheless HR professionals, just like anyone else, are at risk of burnout and decreased productivity overtime. In fact, many things can cause lack of motivation in the workplace including exhaustion, work overload, boredom, not enough sleep, work-life imbalance, no clear goal, monotonous job, and even lack of sunlight. Most people just probably need a break. In the case of Talentloop’s associates, they only needed a dig of inspiration from two of the most animated life coaches in the country today.

This is the reason why in May, Talentloop invited author, public speaker and life/career coach Penny S. Bongato, FPM and BPO executive Alpha Aquino, SHRM-SCP to speak to an audience composed mainly of HR professionals and recruitment specialists and share value- based narratives and inspirations that would help these people and their organization be positioned to evolve and be responsive.

The primary objectives of the Talentloop Talks seminar was to bring together professionals from HR and recruitment discipline and spark inspiration within them, as well as to familiarize this community to Career First Institute’s homegrown applicant tracking system appropriately called Talentloop.

“I immediately felt better after I listened to Penny’s and Alpha’s lecture,” said a participant of the seminar in May. “They make you feel like you can do anything and then show you that you can.”

Another participant Emilio commented: “It’s no wonder many HR practitioners are stressed, fatigued and burned out most of the time. They need to stay working late because of deadlines to meet, get up early to avoid traffic, have to do similar interviews with applicants day after day, and the list goes on. Some try to fix this by overworking. Others just get into self-denial until it’s too late.”

But two of the most genuine ways to get around it are stress management and unique, simple, doable methods that will keep you grounded in your values and confident about pursuing your professional goals, as what both Penny and Alpha discussed in the sessions.

“I realized through Talentloop Talks that the key is taking the first step to a solution. You want things to be more favorable to you, then you owe it to yourself to do something now,”Emilio added.

Penny has more than 30 years of work experience, 20 of which have been focused on the human resource management industry and eight years in academe. Her HR career started at Kodak Philippines – with no prior HR experience. She pursued and learned HR by attending various trainings until she was confident enough in her chosen field.

She is the first Filipino to be have been granted full certification on the SUCCESS PRINCIPLES© granted on August 2015 by Jack Canfield, author of Chicken Soup for the Soul and the Success Principles (among others).

A believer of lifelong learning, she continues to expand her knowledge by teaching, speaking, and coaching.

Meanwhile, Alpha is a seasoned personality in the BPO industry, not just in the Philippines but throughout Southeast Asia. She is a former country head of Teleperformance Indonesia, where she managed the company’s business operations. Her HR certification has given her considerable expertise on people strategy applied in business operations.

A frequent speaker on HR topics, Alpha has experienced first-hand the stressors that can turn passionate and determined professionals into isolated wearied employees. Today, she shares her philosophy, backed with solid knowledge and expertise, with humor, compassion and common sense.

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